World Premiere at

Illuminate Film Festival 2017

New Free Video of Barbara Marx Hubbard

In this inspiring third video of our series from the film “American Visionary”, Barbara Marx Hubbard tells how she asked President Eisenhower the visionary question that launched her mission in life:

And…more good news! I’m very grateful that donors to our Indiegogo Campaign met the last two challenges, one for $500 and one for $2500.  Woo hoo

Now we have two new donation challenges! If we can raise $5000 in the next three days (before our campaign ends), a donor will match with $5000! Can you believe it? And, yet another donor couple (Light Partners Bob Warner and Noel Marshall) will give $500 for a matching $500 donation.

The good news is that any size contribution can be used to make these donations a reality! Go to

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